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Valdon Building And Construction Services Limited


Valdon Building and Construction Services Limited is an established Design, Building and Construction company incorporated in Kenya since 2019. 

The Head Office Is Located along Ogada Street, Sango View Plaza, 1st Floor RM 35 behind Agha Khan Hall Kisumu City Kenya.

Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd continues to collaborate with other businesses inorder to offer unique construction services throughout Kenya.

Valdon Building and Construction Services Limited aim at offering best solutions in architectural and structural designs, construction, repairs and maintenance using the latest affordable and appropriate technologies.

Valdon Building And Construction Services Limited


Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd aims to become the leading Design & Build Construction Firm and Construction Project Management Consultants in East Africa by providing its customers with the highest quality but affordable services in the construction industry.

Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd offers the finest quality design, sit preparation, cost estimates, construction, repair, and alteration to clients needing both small and large-scale construction services, whether it be office buildings, residents, large apartment complexes, public works, etc. The firm continues to maintain the highest standards of service in the commercial construction industry.

Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd is committed to provide products and services at the highest standards that meets or exceed customer requirements and in accordance with applicable international Standards. Part of our commitment is as follows:

  • To use the disciplines of ISO 9001 to develop and maintain the processes needed to produce a level of construction and project management of a consistent standard of quality and at competitive cost.
  • To foster good relationships with clients by effective communications with clients and encouraging feedback.
  • To continually improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.
  • To document and measure quality objectives and targets through internal audit and management review.
  • To deliver construction services in accordance with the specifications and requirements of our clients.
  • That every employee constantly aims to improve the overall quality of Company products and services.

By adopting this philosophy, the clients of Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd will be assured of an excellent standard of completed projects and services in accordance with specifications and contracts. Management has the ultimate responsibility to maintain the quality policy and shall promote all initiatives to attain and improve quality to:

  • Give all personnel adequate information and training to enable all tasks to be undertaken with a consistent standard of quality.
  • Ensure that excellent relations between the Company and employees are maintained.

Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd engage in the control of civil engineering projects specializing in building construction, Exterior and Interior Renovations, Plumbing and Electrical Installation among others.

Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd aims to create and maintain an environment within which employees may execute their activities in a healthy and safe manner. The Company is committed to identify and minimize all risks pertaining to personal injury, diseases, company property and equipment.

To achieve these goals management will:

  • Actively participate in safety loss control programs and ensure the involvement of all stakeholders by setting measurable Health and Safety Objectives which are reviewed annually.
  • Reviewing the Health and safety policy for suitability.
  • Apply all reasonably practicable measures to prevent injuries, fire, explosions and conditions that may jeopardize the health of employees, negatively affect the environment or damage equipment.
  • Be committed to compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements or, in the absence of appropriate legislation, on construction best practice.
  • Communicate the health and safety policy, rules and procedures to all interested and affected (public) parties.
  • Participate in the promotion of safety by example by authorizing and communicating the H and S policy.
  • Document, Maintain, review and continually improve the safety and health performance of our operations and activities according to the ISO 45001 requirements.
  • Promote a culture of health and safety awareness among all employees by ensuring that employees are aware of their obligations.

Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd have an environmental protection responsibility to the wider community of the Republic of Kenya.

Through the diversity of our products and services we are committed to sustaining natural resources, essential to life. In this way we aim to meet the needs of our present and future generations. To us the protection of the environment is our choice and not just an obligation.

In order to achieve these goals, Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd management will:

  • Manage and use land, raw materials and resources responsibly.
  • Practice environmental sustainability methods in our operations and products.
  • Use the best affordable technology and practices to minimize and manage our negative impacts on the environment and identify any environment risks.
  • Practice the reduction, recovery and recycling of waste materials and the rehabilitation of disturbed land, with the aim of prevention of pollution.
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among stakeholders including employees, customers, contractors and suppliers, ensuring availability of our policy to the public.
  • Prevent environmental pollution, or reduce it to a minimum.
  • Maintain transparent relations with all stakeholders in our operations.
  • Promote continual improvement of our Environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and in environmental performance.
  • Document, Implement and maintain our Environmental management system, performance of our operations to international standards and accepted best practices possible.
  • Environment objective targets are set according to significant impacts and reviewed quarterly for implementation status, thus also reviewing the environmental policy suitability.

Valdon Building And Construction Services Limited


Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd couches Enterprises and suppliers by mentoring entrepreneurs to become independent contractors or suppliers.

Substantial donations in time and money have been made to numerous projects including schools, and other qualifying institutions.

  • Construction of football fields in rural areas
  • Classrooms built in communities
  • Ablutions for schools in communities
  • Water Projects in rural areas to give the community running water

Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd has been pro-active in developing entrepreneurs in the Civil Engineering , Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering fields.

The choice of staff has been, and continues to be a very important aspect of Valdon Building and Construction Services Ltd in identification of talent. Apart from the skills required, the employee gets to fit in with the company’s culture. Our Management Development Program aim to develop our junior, middle and senior management in various aspects of construction management. As the Company expands, more opportunities arise, creating the ideal opportunity for individuals to grow within the group. This creates mutual benefit to both the Company and staff.